Our personal growth is like a tapestry. We take bits from all our nurturing, education, and experience to become who we are. No two are the same and all of us are continually adding to the tapestry.


Invest time to determine and prioritize what is truly important to you and then build your life around your priorities.


Wherever you are… Be there!


Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time.  And while there are several effective strategies you can deploy to help alleviate the stress, one that is often overlooked is – Does this task need to be done at all?  Make sure your stressor passes this test.


Abundance Mentality.  What a life-changing concept!  You don’t have to lose for me to win.  If we work together, if you help me and I help you, we can both win.  Our companies win and our communities win.  Open up and share your talents.  We can all win!


My Dad used to tell us if you borrow something, always bring it back in better shape than you found it. That advice also applies to the life we live.


When your work is meaningful and fulfilling, you are already successful.  Bonus… and at that point, it is not really “work”!


Things get complicated.  Make sure you try to see the issue from their perspective before you diagnose and prescribe.


During this time of disruption of our normal routines, we all have the opportunity to form and freeze new, positive habits. The opposite is also true. What can you do to make this into a positive turning point for you?


This experience (Pandemic) has caused everyone to rethink what’s really important.  Some things we never needed; others we took for granted.  Let’s stay positive and grow from this.


With all that is going on it seems that “work/life balance” is more like “work/life unbalanced”.  For many that balance has taken a rare swing toward life, especially family life.  Don’t miss this opportunity because it’s going to swing back.