Have you defined what success is for you? Try this… get to a quite place and WRITE down what you want your life to look like in 10 years – Work, home, socially, and community.  This is a life changing exercise if you visualize where you want to be and set goals to get there.


Self-motivation or what I call “Want to” is essential to success, but without goals, a plan, and focused execution you are unlikely get to where you want to go.  Set realistic goals, develop your mile-posts, track carefully, and adjust as needed


Now that you have set your goals, the execution comes down to focusing on details.  Do you have milestones?  Where you want to be and by when?  Tracking your progress is critical.


Typically, achieving goals of any kind requires a series of measurable steps.  Sometimes the steps can be completed in parallel with other steps and sometimes they must be in sequence.  Either way, tracking your progress is essential.


Goals need to be compelling.  Often the excitement fades quickly when rapid progress is expected and not achieved. Sometimes, the goal is abandoned altogether.  Compelling yes, but goals must also be realistic.


Is your goal realistic?  Break it down into measurable steps with milestones. Then review each milestone for feasibility in both best- and worst-case scenarios.


LSU won the college football championship last year and Coach Orgeron’s consistent message all year was “We are focused on winning the next game.”  As you work toward your goals, focus on reaching your next milestone.


As you track your progress, it is critical that you use objective measurements.  How many, how long, how often, and so on.  We all have unconscious bias that can unintentionally distort your actual progress.