When it comes to innovation, “Have To” leaves “Want To” in the dust!


It is astonishing how much creativity has been released by the Pandemic! Everywhere you look people are devising solutions and workarounds. It all comes down to “Want to” and in some cases, “Have to”!


Have you found your creative sweet spot?  Morning, afternoon, night?  Whenever is best for you, don’t waste it on routine activities like returning emails, preparing reports, etc.  Block off this time because here is where breakthroughs live!


The positive thing about a crisis is it accelerates innovation and adoption. Working from home for example. It was a novelty until now, but necessity has removed many if not all the objections. Will it be the new norm? It’s surely a lot closer to reality.


Change is typically incremental because there is risk in rocking the boat: if it’s fixed don’t break it. During a crisis, that dynamic is flipped. There is more risk in NOT making changes. What are your opportunities make progress?


Everything we do has risk.  It is eye-opening to see the innovation that has occurred recently.  A big reason is the shutdown FORCED us to get out of our comfort zone and gave us cover to take a risk.


“It’s never boring!”  Most of us have said that because we are so transactional driven and so digitally plugged in. Think about setting aside quiet, boring time for yourself.  This is where you will find inspiration and breakthroughs.