Home, Work, Family, or Happiness: it all comes down to “Want to”.


Are you living one day at time or are you improving one day at time?  The accumulative effect of daily incremental self-improvement will change your life and your legacy.


Personal responsibility.  The more we look for someone else to solve our problems or to blame, the weaker we become as a society.  It’s a scary spiral downward.


It’s true. Most of the limits we have, we place on ourselves.


I planted a Catalpa tree from a seed 21 years ago.  We now have over 20 of these trees from seed originating from 6 states.  What personal/professional seeds are you planting today that will payoff over the long-term?


One of the four keys to success is being able to look in the mirror, accept responsibility, and ask yourself, “What can I do to improve this situation?”.  Then make it happen!


Want to understand what’s really going on?  Study history.